Alison Wilson


Alison Willson

Alison has spent over 5 years working in the UK as an acupuncture practitioner. She specialises in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5 Element acupuncture. 5 Element acupuncture treats the roots of illness by working closely at the mind-body-spirit level with natural laws and cycles of change, which is particularly relevant to the challenges of modern life.

Alison is excited to offer Esoteric Acupuncture, having experienced and seen the benefits ranging from immediate shifts to breakthroughs in consciousness.  Esoteric Acupuncture is a synthesis of Chinese Medical theory, the Hindu Chakra system, sacred geometry and the Flower of Life.  The aim is to move beyond the treatment of dis-ease to increase wellbeing by balancing our energy field at more subtle frequencies outside the body.  

  • AHPRA registered
  • Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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